Lash Extension Kit


You just discovered the ultimate lash extension kit that guarantees satisfaction.
Our meticulously curated collection is replete with essential tools for embarking on classic and volume extensions. It includes start-to-finish essentials, encompassing primer, bonder, and a nano-mister ensuring impeccable retention.
We offer two variants of glue in the kit to tailor your experience and get excited it includes the precision of our high-end fiber tip tweezers, cherished by every lash artist.

This kit includes:

1 large carrying case

1 Lash bath 

1 Nano-mister 

1 Fan

1 Jade Stone

2 Tapes

10 Eyepads 

1 primer 

1 bonder 

50 pack mascara wands 

50 pack microswabs 

1 Lash tile

1 Glue Remover


1 classic glue

1 volume glue 


1 Volume pointed

1 Isolation

Lash Trays:

1 Classic mixed tray D curl

1 Classic mixed tray C curl

1 Volume mixed tray D curl

1 Volume mixed tray C curl